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XinZhongYuan BIG+ Malaysia Flagship Store Grandly Open

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Facing the fierce competition, the market of ceramics industry has changed from the “Blue Ocean” to the “Red Sea”.In terms of globalization, the leading domestic brand XinZhongYuan is rising as a “dark horse”.
On 25th June,”Chinese Design Elites shinning in Malaysia&XinZhongYuan BIG+ flagship store opening ceremony was held grandly.
Left fifth:Congressman and Malaysia Special Envoy to China YB Tan Kok Wai;Right sixth:GM of Xin Zhong Yuan Building Material Co.,Ltd.Simon Fok; Right fifth: Vice President of MIID  Ooi Boon Seong;  Left third: President of Malaysia World Chinese Merchants Union Association Dato’ Thai Teck Seng;  Left fourth:CEO of Venicera Terence Choo;Left second:Vice President of MIID Leong Ta Wah; Right fourth:President of MIID Mr.Mohamad Faisal Ghazali;Right third:Director of Venicera Mr.Raymond Tan; Right second:2017 Chinese Design Elites Champion Sissi Bu; Right first:Director of XinZhongYuan Brand Management Center Guo Hao;Left first:GM of XinZhongYuan International Sales Department Ray Chen.
YB Tan Kok Wai (Congressman and Malaysia Special Envoy to China), Dato’ Thai Teck Seng (President of Malaysia World Chinese Merchants Union Association), Encik Mohamad Faisal Ghazali (President of Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers), Terence Choo(CEO of Venicera),Simon Fok(GM of Xin Zhong Yuan Building Material Co.,Ltd.), Ray Chen( GM of Xin Zhong Yuan International Sales Dept.),Guo Hao (Director of Xin Zhong Yuan Brand Management Centre),Sissi Bu (Champion of 2017 Chinese Design Elites), Dato’ Seri and other guests participated this grand opening.
Globalization Strategy of Xin Zhong Yuan. New Landmark of Ceramics in Malaysia
Mr.Simon Fok, GM of XinZhongYuan Building Materials Co., Ltd., welcomed the arrival of all families, friends and partners from all over the world on behalf of XinZhongYuan Group. He praised VENICERA as an experienced and passionate strategic partners .In the future, both parties will jointly provide high-end original design products and excellent services to customers and explore cooperation in different fields. Finally, Mr.Simon Fok wished the conference a complete success. 
Address by GM of XinZhongYuan Building Materials Mr. Simon Fok
Mr.Terence Choo, CEO of VENICERA , looking back on the 13-year history of entrepreneurship,  expressed the deepest appreciation to all business partners along the way. Looking forward to the future, Mr. Terence Choo firmly believes that VENICERA&BIG+ will bring the cooperation to a higher level with the faith of sincerity
Address by CEO of VENECERA Mr Terence Choo
YB Tan Kok Wai ,Congressman and Malaysia Special Envoy to China, is very concerned about this ceremony. He said there has been a long history and deep feelings between China and Malaysia ,and closed exchanges in their economy, trade, culture and education. As a Malaysian special envoy to China, he is very happy to see entrepreneurs from both countries cooperating more frequently and closely.And, he announced XinZhongYuan Venicera Big + Malaysian flagship store officially opened!
Address by Congressman and Malaysia Special Envoy to China YB Tan Kok Wai
Then, The Chairman of MIID Labor Union Mr. Mohamad Faisal Ghazali, The President of Malaysia World Chinese Merchants Union Association Mr Dato’ Thai Teck Seng,CEO of VENICERA Mr. Terence Choo, Congressman and Malaysia Special Envoy to China YB Tan Kok Wai,GM of XinZhongYuan Building Materials Mr Simon Fok,Director of VENICERA Mr.Raymond Tan and other guests celebrated the opening ceremony of the flagship store.
The lion dance means the auspicious and blooming of the business
The festive atmosphere spread to the entire Jalan business district with the sound of  firecrackers
Located in the middle of Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) and Petaling Jaya, XinZhongyuan BIG+ Malaysia flagship store is near to the high-end residential complex MONT KIARA, with an excellent location and high-end customer orientation.
Facade of XinZhongYuan BIG+ Malaysia flagship store
Originated from the concept “Break the boundary and make difference” of XinZhongYuan BIG+ Porcelain Slab, Malaysia BIG+ flagship store takes design as a sharp edge to break  the cognitive boundaries of ceramic tiles, and interpret the design aesthetics in a different way. Leading the trend of building ceramics in Malaysia, it will become a new landmark in Malaysia's ceramic industry!
Picture of XinZhongYuan BIG+ Malaysian flagship store
The first floor of the store highlights the design of BIG+ slabs.The second floor presents the modern texture of the slabs,.The third floor integrates technology and fashion, and the fourth floor features high-class commercial office space, which inspires your inner desire for aesthetics and a better future.
Internationalized Xinzhongyuan,Globalized Chinese Design Elites
Mr. Guo Hao, the Director of XinZhongYuan Brand Management Center, introduced the brand history, design innovation and brand globalization of the group, presenting a company with strong strength and leading development strategy to all distinguished guests.
Address by XinZhongYuan Brand Management Center Mr Guohao
After 35 years of development, XinZhongYuan Group has realized the globalization of production and the internationalization of sales channels. Its total annual output value of all kinds of ceramic tiles has exceeded 10 billion, and It’s planing to establish hundreds of exclusive stores in overseas market.According to statistics, XinZhongYuan has more than 3,000 marketing outlets worldwide, and the reputation of "Building Ceramic Carrier in the World" is well-deserved.
Production Strategic Layout of Xinzhongyuan Group
Break regional boundaries and implement the strategy of globalization. Starting from 2017, the strategic layout of overseas production bases in Uzbekistan and the Philippines was published, and overseas exclusive stores in United States , Canada and other places were established in 2018,then the flagship store in Malaysia opened in 2019.XinZhongYuan has once again been at the forefront of the industry
In recent years, with the perfect iteration of the framework, "Chinese Design Elites" has contributed a continuous driving force to promote the “Internationalization of Xinzhongyuan” , which not only links Xin ZhongYuan with young designers, but also gives new impetus to the unique “Design Empowerment” DNA of XinZhongYuan. The “Chinese Design ElitesShinning 
All Over The World” is a program of gathering young and outstanding designers and pushes them to the world stage to show the Chinese new generation design energy
Constitutive Map of Chinese Design Elites
“Shining In Malaysia”is the first station of”Chinese Design ElitesShining all over the world” program. The Founder & Design Director of ISENSE DESIGN, and the 2017 Chinese Design Elites Champion Sissi Bu brought "Where Do I Begin" to Malaysia to share her creed and ideas on the design road
The Founder/Design Director of ISENSE DESIGN,2017 Chinese Design Elites Champion Sissi Bu
"Where Do I Begin" originally came from the topic of 2017 Guangzhou Design Week - China Design Elites Finals,.Sissi Bu handed over "NERVE" as her answer sheet.
There are answers to the exam, but no standard answers of life. After winning the  championship of "Chinese Design Elites" 2017 , Sissi Bu seemed to gain a new "wings" and tried to change her identity freely: as a guest in public classes, a guest designer in TV programs, returning to the campus as a tutor, writing books and stories, and doing better cases  All these are due to her daring to break the presupposition of a"designer" , and the breakthrough brought by "Chinese Design Elites".
Sissi Bu communicates with local guests in Malaysia
Boundary,always trap the man who are cowardly ,but those who dare to break it will never  be  limited  to this!
The establishment of XinZhongYuan BIG+ Malaysia flagship store lays the foundation of  exploring of Malaysia ceramics market, reflecting the ambition of XinZhongYuan Group to expand its globalization strategy. Since then, Xinzhongyuan has taken a leap-forward step towards the international high-end brand image!